Swayam Consultants specialises in Labour Laws administration for the clients. We have a team of Professionals having proficiency in both public sector companies as well as private sector companies. We have over the years accumulated vast knowledge and gained hands-on experience in dealing with Enactments and issues pertaining to Employees, at corporate level and at Operational level.

About our Services

Our services ranges from providing strict Statutory Compliance for the Organisation to Implementing Innovative HR polices for an Organization having long term goals and vision.
To name a few, our services comprises of:

  • Compliance of Statutory Laws
  • Consultancy in Issues related to Employees
  • Establishing process in Disciplinary actions
  • Advisory role pertaining to Labour Laws.
  • Sourcing Skilled Manpower and protection of their basic rights.
  • Manpower planning
  • Cross utilization of Manpower
  • Development of HR policies in tune with the prevalent laws
  • Health check of organization through various surveys
  • Employee Development through various Training methodologies
  • Imparting both soft and hard skills where required
  • Statutory and Payroll related administration
We also specialize in ensuring in developing key personnel for effective Labour administration in your organisation.